Nights of FIRE!! April 25-26-27

by Skip Murphy on April 13, 2014

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April 25 26 27 Nights of Fire!!!


Nights of Fire

Nights of Fire Drag Racing Info:


We’re working with local racers to give you guys some awesome grudge matches on Friday night. The drivers set the rules, and we get to see the magic happen. Winner takes all! We encourage any Kool April show entries to come out and show us what you got!
- Grudge races, Jr. Dragster, +more!
- The jet car will be making 2 passes, and much much more
- Adults $20 entry, $5 off with NAPA coupon or KAN wristband
- Kids 12-6 are just $5 and kids 5&under are FREE!
- Gates open at 5pm, racing starts at 6pm
- Tech cards $35, Jr. Dragsters $25


Saturday, as always, is the main event of the weekend. We’ve got some of the fastest cars in the area coming to put on a show for you guys, including 2 jet cars! You’ll see a little bit of everything this night.
- 2 jet cars making a total of 4 passes down the strip!
- Big bucks brackets, $1000 and $800 payouts!
- Jr Dragsters, Gassers, and much more!
- Adults $20 entry fee, $5 off with NAPA coupon or KAN wristband
- Kids 6-12 are just $5 and kids 5&under are FREE!
- Gates open at 5pm this year as to not conflict with the Kool April Nites car show
- Racing starts at 6pm
- Bracket tech cards: $60 electronics, $50 non-electronic
- Jr. dragsters tech card $25


Sunday is a real treat for VW enthusiasts. We’ve got the Wolfgang Quick 8 event, showcasing some bad little bugs, among other air-cooled VWs! We’ve also got some big bucks brackets going down. Join us for this morning event before you head home and wait for the next Kool April Nites!
- Wolfgang International’s Quick 8 VW event
- Brackets, Jr. Dragsters, +more!
- Adults $10, no discounts
- Kids 12-6 are just $5 and kids 5&under are FREE!
- Gates open at 9am, racing starts at 10am
- Quick 8 Tech Cards: $40
- Bracket Tech Cards: SuperPro $55, Pro $50, Sportsman $45, Motorcycles $45, Jr. Dragsters $25

This is our signature event on the year and you do NOT want to miss out. Come see what all we’ve done with the track, support your local dragstrip, and have a GREAT time doing it! We’ve got Dan Hanan announcing all weekend, and he’s going to be feeling pretty generous with Redding Dragstrip swag!

We’re doing something new this year…


To help raise funds, we have created “Friends of the Dragstrip” cards. Each card is $20 each and can be purchased during every race at the souvenir booth and at our booth during the Kool April Nites car show at the convention center later this month. These can be purchased for 2 different reasons:

1. You wish to make a small donation to our track to help us keep great things happening


2. Purchase this card as a “pre-sale” ticket for your next 4 entries.

Every card will give you 4 free entries (not including a tech card) into any regular season race (street legals and bracket races) Save up to $20 on entry fees with this card!!! They cannot be used for special events (Kool April Nites, Jefferson State Diesel Drags).

These also make great small gifts for your teens, employees, family members, etc. We hope you pick up some of these bad boys on Saturday!


Support Our Sponsors  -they support you!


Redding Napa


Thank you so much to EVERYONE who volunteered their time and talents.

We want to give a special shout out to Harbert Roofing. Not only did they sign on for another season of being a lane sponsor, but they donated and installed a whole NEW ROOF for the snack shack and souvenir shop.

Help us show our appreciation to them by leaving positive comments, telling others of their generosity, and suggesting them to friends around town. THANK YOU HARBERT ROOFING!

PS: You can also see how much our volunteers have done in a few short weeks to clean and refurbish the shack, inside and out. It’s looking GREAT!



“That was my first time with my Vette out there and I had a great time and got to meet some good people. Thanks to all who donated their time to make it all happen. My stock 2001 z06 ran a 12.7 @112 mph. Now I can start adding go fast parts and I’ll come see you guys again”

Ben Duree

“Want to say Great cleanup of the Facility. Painted lines through staging area and keeping people flowing in a safer way was awesome. Very Organized night too. All my friends and I had a great time. Will be out in may with my Camaro and truck to race. Can’t Wait!!!!!”

Simon Harris

“Ms. Bramson and staff and volunteers should be awarded compliments from all those who attended the drags Sat, April 12. What a crowd we had! The physical site was refreshed, refurbished with welcoming results. I am so impressed how the tower and starting lane and stager staff ran the logistics of safely getting NUMEROUS cars down the track.  The SAFETY improvements made by cordoning off the pre staging area is long time coming! Old days/old ways had folks meandering in areas they did not belong! We have been attending/street car racing at the redding drags for about 15 yrs. the present management crew and staff are the best by far!! SINCERE THANKS,  CANT WAIT TO BUY MY FIRST OF MANY $20. “donation cards!”

Denise Phaneuf, Redding, CA
SL April 12 2014aImage courtesy of Jeff Wood
High School



April 12 is our first race for the 2014 season!

by Skip Murphy on March 29, 2014

April 12 2014 – First Race!

Gear up race fans. The track is back!!

April 12 at 11 am. Chassis Certifications – Test ‘n Tune at 1 pm.


Are you getting ready for our first race of the season?

This is the only day to get your chassis certified at our track. Please be on time.

TEST & TUNE @ 1pm
$30/tech card, $10 spectator entry ($40 for racer&entry)
This is for cars with SLICKS ONLY. Those who pay for T&T will get into the Street Legals FREE.

STREET LEGALS @ 5pm, Racing starts at 6pm
$10 tech card, $5 spectator entry ($15 for racer&entry)
***High school students with a CURRENT student body card get into street legals FREE***

Come out and enjoy our first race of the season. Bring your friends and support your track!

First race

Some notes:

The Schedule link has been updated. The schedule link is at the top of the page. For a while, it was showing 2013 dates, so make sure you have the latest dates on your calendar.



Thanks to all for a great work party weekend!!

March 24, 2014

The volunteer effort was a great success! Thanks to all who helped out, and thanks to our great sponsors. Click on the image for more photos. Looking forward to another great season of racing!! More at:

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Join us for a Work Party March 22 & 23

March 14, 2014

We are excited to be having our first work party at the Redding Dragstrip! These work days will be for some MAJOR clean up. We will need people to bring weed eaters, tools to help repair bleachers, and cleaning supplies like brooms. Please look over the list below of things we need. If you could […]

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Redding Dragstrip gets a new operator!

March 13, 2014

We are really excited to announce the new operator for Redding Dragstrip, Shirlene Bramson of Bramson Drag Strip!! Most of you are familiar with Shirlene, as she has been an active presence at the strip for many years. This is great news! The City of Redding agrees, and made it official on March 5. Thanks […]

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Some news as of 2/21/2014

February 21, 2014

For now, if you need to communicate with the Redding Dragstrip there is a new number: (530) 215 3003   First race April 12!! Chassis Certs are scheduled for 11:00 AM Test ‘n Tune at 1:00 PM. Street Legal 6:00 PM Pay for Test ‘n Tune and Street Legal is free. More NEWS to follow. […]

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Would you or your group like to run the Redding Dragstrip?

November 4, 2013

2014 will be the 60th year of operation for the Redding Dragstrip, and it needs a new operator. The City of Redding asked that we post this Request for Proposal on our website. It’s also available at the City’s site: Here is a PDF of the memo. RFP 4607_Drag Strip Operations_2013-1 On another somber […]

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Congratulations 2013 Redding Dragstrip Champions!

November 3, 2013

Below are a few images from our 2013 Season Banquet. Thanks to all participants and sponsors!

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Large crowd celebrates the life of Bob Lidell

October 13, 2013

It was a picture perfect Fall day yesterday at the Redding Dragstrip, as friends and family came together to celebrate and reflect on the life of track President Bob Lidell, who passed away unexpectedly last Monday. And although I don’t usually take photos at this kind of gathering, I felt this was an exception. Bob […]

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Celebration of Life at Redding Dragstrip Sat. Oct 12 @ 1 pm

October 9, 2013

Attention Race fans, the Redding Dragstrip is now closed for the 2013 season. Please come to the Redding Dragstrip on Saturday October 12th at 1 pm for the Celebration of Life for Bob Lidell. See you at the strip.

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